Nomadic Ambience Camera EquipmentWed Feb 08 2023

Nomadic Ambience Camera Equipment

Nomadic Ambience is the leader for city soundscapes and ambience sounds on Youtube and Spotify. Their immersive videos inspired my Youtube Channel. Here is the most up to date information about their setup for recording video and audio.

The Camera

Sony Alpha 1, a full-frame mirrorless camera that is capable of capturing 2160px HDR video at 60fps (tweet, tweet). The Sony a1 is paired with the DJI RS2 gimbal to ensure stable shots while walking.

The Audio

Nomadic Ambience creates different types of content including city soundscapes, nature sounds, and walking videos. In addition their equipment has changed.

For Walking Videos

Currently they use Schoeps ORTF 3D for 3D Audio which retails for $21,000 (tweet).

Schoeps ORTF 3D

Previously they used Sennheiser MKH 8020s to create binaural audio (tweet).

For Cityscape

They use a model head with headphones. I was only able to find an image, but I don’t know the product (tweet).


16-inch Macbook Pro which allows them to edit in 8k (tweet).

Editing Software

For video editing they use Final Cut Pro and for Photoshop for images (tweet, tweet).


LaCie Rugged external hard drives. It’s unclear the size and I’m sure there is a variety (tweet).


While this content creates amazing content that inspires all of us, there are alternatives. With a budget under $500 they recommend GoPro, DJI Pocket (my camera of choice), Smartphone, or Insta 360 (tweet).

lmk if the information goes stale

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