How to get 1,000 Youtube Subscribers in 2023Sun Feb 05 2023

How to get 1,000 Youtube Subscribers

On January 1st 2023 my channel Walk with Marcusmth passed 1,000 subscribers and was approved for monetization. This is the second channel I’ve passed this mark with but the other was from 2012. Here’s my current guide for finding subscribers on Youtube.

Obvious Advice

  • Post a lot of content. You need to find your voice and create a catalog for viewers to consume. SEO is an much an art as a skill so experiment
  • Post your videos on social media and subreddits
  • Respond to comments and subscribe to their channel. Join the Youtube community.

Target Larger Channels

The Youtube algorithm works by finding content for viewers. Large channels have already have an audience. This audience is fed videos the algorithm thinks it will enjoy. The advice is to model your descriptions and titles to similar popular videos and channels in your space. This recommends your videos to viewers of the popular video.

The next step of this is to thank the creator for inspiration and tag them in the description of a specific video. If you’re lucky you might get a Like from them 🤞.

Pay for Views

At the surface this sounds like channel suicide, however it’s now built into Youtube in a beta form. I started this at 700 subscribers and gained 500 more in a week for around $30. This was one of the best returns on investments I’ve seen.

Youtube Promotion 02-05-2023

Thus far I’ve spent $127.61 and received 13,144 views and 2,222 subscribers. I’ve found that targeting cheaper countries gives better return on investment as well as targeting countries where the video takes place.

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