Creating and retrieving using Typescript PartialsSat Dec 28 2019

Last week I had an interesting problem in typescript. A database column needed to store json blobs that fit multiple interfaces. These interfaces were often overlapping.

To simplify this discussion, the column was intended to store animals, let's call the column Zoo. Each species has its own set of required parameters.

Initially I tried

interface Zoo = Mammal | Fish | Bird

interface Mammal {
  hairLength: number;

However typescript doesn't allow OR checks on interfaces. The best solution ended up using Partial interface combinations to allow Zoo to accept all these animal types.

On the retrieval side, it needed to determine what interface to Zoo json conforms to. One solution was to check every field against what was provided but that would be expensive and not scalable. The solution was to have a key for each interface and check if is in the interface.

Each Animal type is given a field to reference its interface. Sharks are given typeIsShark while Eagle are given TypeIsEagle. On retrieval at runtime the interface can be checked with "TypeIsEagle" in arg and then displayed accordingly.

import React from "react"

type iAnimal = Animal & Partial<Eagle> & Partial<Shark>

interface Animal {
  name: string
interface Eagle {
  typeIsEagle?: boolean
  talonSize: number
interface Shark {
  typeIsShark?: boolean
  teethLength: number
type InputShark = Shark & Animal
type InputEagle = Eagle & Animal
function createShark(data: InputShark): iAnimal {
  return {, typeIsShark: true }

function createEagle(data: InputEagle): iAnimal {
  return {, typeIsEagle: true }

function isEagle(arg: iAnimal): boolean {
  return "typeIsEagle" in arg

function isShark(arg: iAnimal): boolean {
  return "typeIsShark" in arg

const Zoo = () => {
  const greatWhiteShark: iAnimal = createShark({
    name: "Great White Shark",
    teethLength: 10,

  const BaldEagle: iAnimal = createEagle({
    name: "Bald Eagle",
    talonSize: 3,

  return (
      <DisplayAnimal animal={greatWhiteShark} />
      <DisplayAnimal animal={BaldEagle} />

const DisplayAnimal = (props: { animal: iAnimal }) => (
    <h1>Name: {}</h1>
    {isEagle(props.animal) && <p>TalonSize: {props.animal.talonSize}</p>}
    {isShark(props.animal) && <p>TeethLength: {props.animal.teethLength}</p>}

export default Zoo

This should help illustrate how you can nest interfaces and decern them on retrieval.