Captain's Log JournalingWed Mar 17 2021


The first I heard of Captain's Log Journalling was from a livestream of The Undefined Podcast. They mentioned journaling in this format, but didn't provide much context on what that meant. This sent me down the path with experimenting and creating my own style of journaling. I call it "Captain's Log Journaling".


Throughout the day record the time something began and the specific task. The smaller the task the better.

10:13 - Connect client to API

Once complete add the completion time

10:13 - Connect client to API - 10:45


At any given time it's obvious what the priority is. These tasks correlate either exactly too or as subtasks to today's todo list.

At the end of the day it's obvious what has been accomplished.


I have been using Captain's Log Journaling since the beginning of 2021. I'll continue to experiment and improve the system. So far I've been happy with it.