Best WeWork Office in BerlinSun Aug 14 2022


During the summer of 2022 I lived in Berlin for two months. I utilized WeWork All Access pass to visit many of the available offices. During this time I found my favorites and discovered some flaws in other.

As an American working on EST time I worked from 3pm through 11pm or midnight. This allowed me to catch the last hours of baristas, work while the beer taps were opened (usually from 5-6), and then watch the sunset with the remaining expats.

One major flaw with many of the Berlin locations is that they're not technically 24 hour offices. If you leave after an undisclosed time your keycard won't allow reentry. This was a major issue when goes out for dinner around 7pm.

The Best Offices

Working space and Amenities - Warschauer Platz 11-13

A massive 3 story space with hanging vines connecting them. There are pool tables. A barista makes coffees near the front and it's usually not too crowded.

Late Night Experience - Friedrichstraße 76

This office is in the heart of Berlin. The street infront of it was recently made into a pedestrian only street. The building has massive glass funnels coming from the roof all the way down. This brings natural light into every room. A large amount of night owls worked here so you're never alone even at midnight. Late night entry was never an issue and I spent many nights here. The area is sparse for food options unfortunately.

Neighborhood Experience - Neue Schonhauser Straße

Smack in the middle of Mitte shopping district sits one of my favorite WeWorks. I'm not alone in this thought as Peloton, Reddit, Amazon and many more companies have offices inside here.

Best View - Kurfurstendamm 11

Without late night access, this was a one and done for me. I never returned. It's worth a mention for the amazing view of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church right outside the window and on the balcony. If this location had 24 hour access it could have completed for a top spot.

Best All Around - Dircksenstraße 3

Right next to Alexanderplatz sits Dirckensenstraße. I spent more time here than any other WeWork. Public transportation can be challenging late at night so this location had the most options. There was plenty of restaurants nearby especially with ALEXA mall. Many of us had gym membership to SuperFit inside the mall. The baristas here was so nice and working from the first floor made it feel more connected to the city. At night it can be challenging to enter, but you can easily go around to the Student Hotel Berlin and walk into the common space back to WeWork.