Why I created an AI blog for SEOThu Feb 15 2024

Why I created an AI blog for SEO

This week I launched a new blog called Beautiful Roads that uses AI to generate content. It was inspired after I discovered Dangerous Roads and how much traffic these search based blogs are receiving. Dangerous Roads was sending traffic to People Watching and I want to build a similar blog to send traffic to my YouTube channel.

Building an SEO Network

Google's page rank algorithm is based on the links pointing to a page and specifically the value of those links. I have this blog marcusmth.com, my YouTube channel People Watching, and now Beautiful Roads. By linking these sites together, I can increase the value of each site and grow them together. well at least that's the theory

AI Blogging

I'm using AI tools all day, whether through Github Copilot or ChatGPT Plus. Creating a blog that uses AI to generate content is the next step.

Each of these blog posts takes about 5 minutes to generate and publish using ChatGPT and Sanity studio.


We're still in the first week of this project, I'll update this post with the results in a few months. I'm hoping to see a significant increase in traffic to my YouTube channel and this blog.

For now this post is the first backlinks between my different projects. Thanks for reading to this point... you're helping my bounce rate